Claire Rasa

Claire Rasa is a musician and audio engineer from Sydney Australia. Her talents and skills range from songwriting and composition, location recording, studio record, mix and mastering as well as sound designing for post media.

As an artist Claire had success with her first release. ‘All I Wanted’ was the number one breakout on the Billboard dance/club charts and officially charted at number twenty upon its release. The release outdid any expectations and subsequently Claire was featured in an issue of Billboard’s ‘Tomorrow’s Hits’ back in 2015.

Claire’s second release ‘Take Me Back’ was chosen as her follow up single. ‘Take Me Back’ went above and beyond anyones expectations and reached a phenomenal number four on Billboard’s dance/club charts. Claire’s music has been called by many a fresh sound during a time where many artists are releasing songs that sound the same.

To this day Claire is the youngest Australian artist to have charted in the American Billboard charts and has worked with people such as grammy award winning producer and house DJ Dave Aude and grammy nominated DJ Stonebridge.

After her pursuits on the stage Claire began to become more interested in audio production and what goes on behind the scenes. Subsequently in 2017 Claire enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree of Audio Engineering at SAE Creative Media Institute in Sydney.

As an engineer with a musical background Claire places a strong emphasis on sonic creativity and development in order to get the best end product for the musicians and bands she works with.

During her studies Claire developed a strong passion and interest for post production and working on set. As a result Claire decided to major in post production during the course of her degree. Claire is equipped in the areas of foley, ADR, re-record mixing, 5.1 surround sound mixing as well as location recording.