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 Claire Rasa

Claire Rasa

Ever since I can remember I’ve longed for a career in the creative and entertainment industries. I started out my career as a singer/songwriter. Some of my biggest accolades include charting in the US Billboard dance/club charts twice with one of my singles reaching the top ten, being featured in Billboard Magazines 'Tomorrow’s Hits', charting in DJ Times twice and working with Grammy winner Dave Aude and Grammy nominated studio technician Kemper Oz.

After chasing a career in the spotlight I decided to learn about the creation process of music. I was always fascinated by what the producers and engineers I worked with did. I would say more so than just being a performer. I wanted to not only be able to perform and write but take creative control and have an input and influence in the actual creation process itself. To compliment my repertoire in the music industry I am currently studying a Bachelor of Audio at the SAE Creative Media Institute in Sydney. On other sides of the entertainment industry I currently have a Diploma for Modeling and Acting on Screen from Sydney’s Style Academy and am looking to pursue further endeavours within those areas as well. 

As a creative I have always viewed myself as a multidimensional person. I like to live by the quote "creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye". I've never been a person to stick to one thing. Instead I like to try my hand at lots of different things and see what works best. This is why I like this quote because yes I am passionate about lots of different aspects to the creative and entertainment industries but I pride myself in having a strong work ethic and knowing my craft inside and out. I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction. I'll never go for anything half hearted. You get out what you put in and I like to put in everything I have. 

On the creative media side of things I am the current owner of a personal style blog ‘cocoandchic’. cocoandchic was born out of a place where I can share my experiences and knowledge to fellow millennials, especially young women as I feel equipped being a fellow millennial myself who enjoys keeping up with the latest and greatest trends that my blog reflects. I like to define cocoandchic as a connected online digital destination consisting of content involving travel, fashion and lifestyle. I look at cocoandchic as a digital creative outlet where I can share my passion and skills for things such as photography and styling, which I have grown to love recently. 

Aside from running my blog, as touched on above I am also a creative director/consultant and photographer specialising in the areas of food, product, travel, portrait, fashion and beauty. With a keen eye and creative outlook I view my photographic and styling works as an extension of my personality while also producing original and quality works for prospective clients. 


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